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flexMendel - 3D Printer Kit

flexMendel - 3D Printer Kit

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Looking for a challenging project to engage with your students?  Look no further!  Building the flexMendel 3D printer provides students of all ages with an opportunity to build a high quality 3D printer from scratch using 3D printed parts and off-the-shelf components.  Everything you need to build the flexMendel 3D printer is included with this kit.

Features of the flexMendel:

  • Based from the open source 3D printingplatform
  • Completely customizable design
  • Custom built “Low-Mass Extruder”
  • Custom manufactured aluminum parts
  • Custom milled UHMW slides
  • Industrial automation components
  • Large print volume (220 x 220 x 220mm)
  • Super bright LED lights for optimumbedplate illumination
  • 120V AC Heated bedplate with mirror
  • LCD Smart Controller with SD cardreader for isolated 3D printer operation
  • GFCI AC plug for increased electricalprotection and safety
  • Folding design for easy transportation


flexMendel Build Your Own 3D Printer Kit Includes:

  • flexMendel 3D Printer Kit
    • 3D printed parts
    • Custom aluminum parts
    • Custom CNC milled slides and filament shaft
    • Electrical wiring kit
    • All off-the-shelf components
  • 3D printer tool kit (tools necessary to build and maintain the flexMendel)
    • Ratchet double-die wire pin crimping tool
    • Wire stripper and trimmer tool
    • Metric allen wrench set
    • Medium screwdrivers ( 1 flat head, 1 phillips)
    • 6 piece micro screwdriver set (4 flathead, 2 phillips)
    • 6 piece micro pliers and flush cutter set
    • T40 Torx screwdriver
    • 305mm precision machinist ruler – 0.5mm scale
    • Electrical tape and additional accessories
  • 3D Printer in the Classroom User Manual
    • flexMendel assembly directions
    • Setting up a 3D printer in the classroom
    • flexMendel operation guide
    • Slic3r G-Code Generator instructions
    • Managing heavy workloads from student projects
    • Routine maintenance procedures
    • Troubleshooting tips
    • Additional open source software programs to expand 3D printing activities with students
  • Introduction to “3D Literacy” Curriculum Guide
    • 3D Printing example activities
    • 3D CAD Design example activities
    • 3D Programming example activities
    • “Plastic parts cost calculator” to assist with business calculation activities
    • Collection of 50+ articles relating to 3D Literacy for supplemental reading
  • (1) 1kg Spool of PLA plastic – your choice of color
  • USB Flash Drive - flexMendel files and supportive documentation
    • All Autodesk Inventor IPT files of flexMendel 3D printer parts
    • All custom aluminum part files
    • Complete bill of materials listing all suppliers of 3D printer parts

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